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Middle Tennessee State University

Robotics Team 2013

Motor Control Diagram

 Sabertooth Switch Settings 9600 baud


We will be using 3 Sabertooths to control the motors and actuator. The first controller will handle the left front and back motors. The second controller will handle the right front and back motors. The third will handle the actuator and brush motor.


Pin #





1st Controller


2nd Controller


3rd Controller










Because Sabertooth controls two motors with one 8 byte character, when operating in Simplified Serial mode, each motor has 7 bits of resolution. Sending a character between 1 and 127 will control motor 1. 1 is full reverse, 64 is stop and 127 is full forward. Sending a character between 128 and 255 will control motor 2. 128 is full reverse, 192 is stop and 255 is full forward. Character 0 (hex 0x00) is a special case. Sending this character will shut down both motors. 


Sabertooth 2x25v2 pdf attached.

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Jon_Anderson Nov 24, 2012 at 3:39 PM 
Controller 1 - 1st motor front left, 2nd motor back left.
Controller 2 - 1st motor front right, 2nd motor back right.
Controller 3 - 1st motor brush, 2nd motor actuator.